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Adapting to the Challenges of Complex Change

The Life Leadership Project offers a different perspective on adaptive learning. It combines holistic and reductionist perspectives on life and leadership.  The website brings together in one place, a wealth of learning resources around four domains of leadership needed to thrive in a VUCA World, where:

  • questioning provides insights that challenge assumptions, existing theories and inaction
  • novel and dynamic connections replace received wisdom and linear relationships
  • confidence to cross boundaries is more important than defending redundant beliefs
  • realisations that feel true from personal practice help bridge the knowing-doing gap

If you are not leading your life from your own standards and values, then someone else will be defining them for you. For example, social media is challenging us to take responsibility for our lives or be led by others. Whenever you encounter a new context you should be willing to adapt and adopt new ideas and behaviours that help you thrive. This is explained in a short video by Glenda Eoyang.

When you listen to your own story and the stories of others, you are not seeking to heal or help, you are looking for the patterns of similarity and difference in the relationship to explore together in-the-moment. This makes your story flow and reveals a better future. Boundaries dissolve and thoughts focus on seeing the bigger picture and long-term solutions.

For example, you learn how to take responsibility for what makes sense to you and not wait for the situation to change before changing your own perspective. When you experience a more connected and positive mood state, both you and those around you will inevitably experience new insights and realisations. Take the first step into the domain of your Mood Managers by . . .

  • Facing Facts – to produce grounded assessments of your existing relationships with people and the situation. Maybe you have to change your way of being first to reveal your blind spots.
  • Exploring Possibilities – to realise new insights and consider alternative behaviours. Generate multiple perspectives and choose one that makes sense for you to practice.
  • Embracing Uncertainty – to accept paradox and ambiguity with humility and curiosity. Maybe it’s better to adapt to what emerges than to resent the uncontrollable.
  • Seeking Growth – to produce a new lifestyle needs a coherent story that enables you to thrive. New learning experiences offer you more distinctions to see what really matters to you.

I help people become more effective managers, coaches and leaders in their lives and influence the lifestyles of others. This means paying attention to the quality of your conversations and relationships.  If you have questions or would value some guidance, just send me a message. Let’s talk.

Steve Trivett
Master Coach & Learning Mentor

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